Before Bell, Kawahar has been injured in the body, this week their recovery process has made a breakthrough Chris Bassitt Jersey, it now appears that the two players are likely to match on June 3 Serie A champion Juventus The Champions League final Franklin Barreto Jersey. However, although Zidane decided to lead all the first team players Real Madrid to Andalusia, but Bell and Kawahar I am afraid that the road can not challenge the final round of La Liga debut debut. Zidane said: "Real Madrid will be the team to Andalusia, because in such a long season, the team of every player is very important for Real Madrid Jarrod Parker Jersey, this season only two games will be All the end, we must be with the joys and sorrows. Nemal in the summer of 2013 joined the Barcelona, ??came to the Nou Camp several years, Nemal gradually mature, in the eyes of many media, Nei Ma is Messi in Barcelona's successor, and can be in Messi C Lo After the rule of the world football that person Frankie Montas Jersey. Nemal in the past few years did show their own potential to rule the football, such as Barcelona reversal of the epic war in Paris, Nei Maer played an absolutely crucial role.