For Real Madrid, they only need to get a draw in Malaga, will be able to ensure that this season's La Liga trophy. But even so, Zidane is still clear that Real Madrid's ultimate goal is to use a victory to lock the league championship oakland athletics jersey. Zidane said: "In this game, we will never change their pursuit, Real Madrid's goal is to play their own one hundred percent of the standard Santiago Casilla Jersey, and win the game victory, we must as always Win the battle, this is the Galaxy warships of the DNA. Let us look at what will happen in the end, but subjective we only want 3 points. Real Madrid team's physical fitness, mental state are too TM good Mark Canha Jersey, we can fully Won the game victory. Although the Spanish striker is now playing for, but he has always thought that his body flowing the blood of Barcelona, ??he said: "I hope my dream come true, Barcelona gave me all, but he also said Terry Steinbach Jersey, do not regret joining Malaga: "Although the last year in Barcelona is not smooth, but I know that the next season will be getting better and better, so I have no regrets. The 21-year-old Sandro performed well in Malaga's first season, scoring 16 goals in 30 games, including breaking the old master in April. Excellent performance so that he became one of the focus of the summer window, many clubs are interested in signing Sandro.