Some Sonny Gray Jersey Spanish media (mainly from the Catalan region) publicly stated that current coach Michelle had been in Real Madrid for 15 years, "he is certainly more willing to see Zinedine Zidane's team won This season's La Liga trophy ". For the Catalan media of this argument, Zidane scoffed, Real Madrid Marshal made it clear that the recent state of Malaga's athletic state is very good, they in the last five league ho to take 13 points, the wind is hot. Real Madrid has scored 63 consecutive games each season goals, a record five league teams new record. If the campaign to break again Coco Crisp Jersey, it will be the first time in the history of Real Madrid to do the whole season, 38 rounds of the field field goals. The top scorer C Luo, La Liga career 15 war Malaga scored 15 goals, averaging 1 ball. Real Madrid will be away to challenge Malaga, ushered in the league title for a key battle Rollie Fingers Jersey. While the striker, Barcelona youth star Sandro Ramirez said he hoped to score the goal to defeat Real Madrid, for the old club presented champion. This weekend, if Real Madrid lost to Malaga Daniel Mengden Jersey, while the Red and Blue Corps won Eval, then Barcelona will become the season's La Liga championship. Therefore, Malaga was Barcelona fans high hopes. Last year, left the Nou Camp to join Malaga's Barcelona veteran Sandro Ramirez on Thursday to accept television programs "La Liga World" interview, said: "I hope I can score, the champion dedicated to Barcelona.